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Each day passing brings one step

closer to the breakdown,

Yet something’s pulling backwards just

to keep me in the brink of the agony.

Spent all nights finding the answer for

“Was it really worth all these tears?”

only to be clouded by my thoughts in the morning,

only to vanquish my inner battles,

by losing myself on the way.

Sometimes i wonder what it would be

like to LET GO?

Would it be more simpler? less painful?



Bits of pieces

It’s been two months , now she is again in the coffee shop where the seed of her love for him was planted . she could still hear his giggle in light air, the waitress over there who will serve coffee to them gave her a weak smile, never been once she had came alone to this coffee shop since her love. But the guy who gave all the happiness ripped the plant of love and made his way to another girl. He left her shattered and made her days hell just with one call.

It was her friend Ajay who is still being her side consoling her whenever she’s been at terrible state of breaking down. He held her from collapsing and made every effort to make her smile .

“I am gonna kill that stupid” (she said to herself as she was thinking about her friend Ajay).

Yes, he is the one who asked her to come to this coffee shop, the place where all her sweet memories rested, now begin to haunt her.

She bit her lip to avoid crying and awaiting for Ajay to come.

After what it seems like eternity, Ajay entered the shop.

Ajay : hey, good evening !( he gave her his signature grin)

she: Shut up Ajay, I am mad on you. Why did you make me come here even though you know how i–

Ajay: shh relax.. I know idiot. But I got a surprise for you.

She: (gasping) surprise?? What kinda– Ajay how come they are bringing cake in coff–

Before even she could finish her lines , a waiter place a heart shapped cake before her. She was awe struck seeing that . it was her favourite white forest cake and something caught her attention, the words written in the cake using frosting

” for the idiot who stole my heart “

She couldn’t believe her eyes before she could form lines he was on his knees before her .

She looked at him intensely with lot of questions in her mind.

Ajay: Hey come on, don’t look at me like you are gonna burn me using your look. Your eyes are so intense I cannot even look at it. Yes girl , I have fallen for you not the perfect girl you once was, now the broken girl who loves him with all her broken pieces. Yes, your love for him made me fall for you. I always wondered how could a girl love a person this much and I found the answer in you. I have not been in all your beautiful moments, but you know that I have been there in all your terrible moments and that moments showed your flawless character which was hidden beneath your broken heart. But now I would like to be in both your bad and happy moments. I know this is the worst moment to confess my love, yet I did. Because I can’t tolerate whenever you say that ” nobody loves me” . so I am here with proof that someone is here to love you with all his heart. I don’t want you to say anything right now.

Just know that you are my love. I can’t promise you that I will heal your heart but I can promise you that I will love every piece of your broken heart until it is all heeled.

With that he stood up. She was frozen unable to process all the things he had said. Words can’t make it out of her mouth instead her eyes let out its tears and she hugged him tightly

She: ( trembling) Ajjayy-

Ajay: shhh baby, no need to tell anything. Just answer my question. Will you be that little notorious girl who always pesters me to take her a ride in my bike, because my bike is waiting for it since long.

She: yes, yes Ajay I will be your notorious girl.

Ajay: okay come let’s go.

She: oh my god. You forgot the cake.

Ajay: ( let’s out a heartly laugh) don’t worry cake seeker, I made it to pack up so that we can enjoy it in out home.

Before sitting in Ajay’s bike , she glanced at the coffee shop for the last time

 now I am leaving all the memories of my past love here and taking only the present happiest memories” she said to herself. With that she took the seat and wrapped her arms around his.

After long time , her heart was calm and happy